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Handya ... 4/28/2021

1999 Ford Ranger XL 6 Cyl 3.00L


My truck won't start

I have a 99 ranger 3.0 and it won't start. changed the starter, fuel pump and filter, new battery, new alternator, change spark plugs. Something electrical is draining the battery but it does sound like it want to start but doesn't.

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Jimm 5/1/2021

There are several possibilities; weak / faulty battery, poor ground, weak / worn alternator, worn alternator drive belt, worn belt tensioner - to name only a few.

If the battery, alternator, belt tensioner and drive belt are tested OK, then remove and replace each of the fuses one-by-one - while observing the battery voltage across the terminals. A slight voltage drop or change will be indicated in that circuit.

Then, using a volt-ohm meter and the wiring schematic for the truck you can trace the probable issue in that particular circuit. Watch some videos on 'Parasitic Current Drain Testing'.

If you have a current draw over 30 to 60 Milliamps,then remove
& replace all fuses,one at a time.

When you find the circuit with the current draw that is too high,
you then have isolated the area or circuit causing your battery
to drain.

From there you really need a wiring diagram to further component
test or unplug system components as you did with the fuses.


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