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pat 2/3/2016

1997 Toyota T100 SR5 6 Cyl 3.40L


truck won't start "zero" oil pressure

changed oil and filter on t100. drove 2 blocks and engine died. reading on dash is "0" oil pressure; inserted oil pressure gauge into oil pressure node still read "0" engine has spark but will not start with carb spray in fuel injector, engine turns over and has oil in pan. engine has and auto with 131k mileage had oil pressure before oil change. best guess??

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Joe rebel

Joe rebel 2/3/2016

You need to figure out if it has fuel pressure or not. It's either fuel or air. Your getting spark so crank sensors are working. Go back to the basics of what makes it run. Get a cheap fuel pressure gauge hook it up and see what you have

Joe rebel

pat 2/3/2016

thanks, will try it

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