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Jeff 6/9/2019

2001 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner 4 Cyl 2.70L


When my truck is warming up it's hiccuping my diagnostic says it's the MAF sensor intermittent circuit. Should I replace

My truck is hiccuping on warming up. When it's warmed up it runs okay but once in awhile a little hiccup. My diagnostic said it's the MAF sensor intermittent circuit. Should I change out the MAF sensor?

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DodgeMaggieSRT8 6/10/2019

I would replace the MAF sensor-- usually the banks inside the MAF sensor tend to go bad or wear down after long usuage. This will result in your air and gas mixture becoming too rich or too low-- which will cause this shakiness. The computer tries to make up for the loss or gain in emission-- and will adjust your spark to the spark plugs to run more or less.


Jeff 6/10/2019

Thank you! That's exactly what I did.


Jimm 6/16/2019

P0104 Mass Air Flow MAF Circuit Intermittent

Symptoms of a P0104 code may include:
Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) illumination (a.k.a. check engine light)
Rough running engine
Black smoke from tail pipe
Stalling Engine hard start or stalling after it starts
Possible other driveability symptoms or even no symptoms

What are some potential causes?

Potential causes for this trouble code may include:
Dirty or contaminated mass air flow sensor
Failed MAF sensor Intake air leaks
MAF sensor electrical harness or wiring problem (open, shorted, frayed, poor connection, etc.)

Be sure to first properly test the MAF sensor wiring and electrical harness / connector before simply replacing the sensor itself.


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