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Dreama Noble

Dreama ... 1/7/2011

2003 Dodge Ram 3500 Base 6 Cyl 5.90L

Preventive Maintenance

why will my truck not start

#2 no
just one time
I hooked up a tester and it says EC fuel pump control. low.

1 Answer


ED 1/7/2011

gloged filter, fuel pump going out or your EC silinoid may be going bad. I would check the fule presure from the pump. If your luck is anything like mine, it's the pump. That pump is about 200.00+ and located inside the tank and is a bitch to get too. I would check autoparts.com for a new one. they run abot 30% cheaper for the after market OEM. Just remember to fallow the instructions closely. Must replacement pumps require you to remove the old factory seat in the tank as the aftermarkets won't fit properly.


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