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shesar ... 7/4/2014

1993 Ford F-150 XLT 8 Cyl 5.0L


truck is stalling out of nowhere.

my ol truck has 200000 miles on her, just replaced timing chain,icm,icm connector,coil,pip,fuel filter,distributor and rotor. i will be driving along motor purring then all a sudden its like someone turns ignition off, after i let off gas and start to slow down it will come back and allow me to take off again. im thinkin its the tps but also on rear of engine there is a rubber vacuum hose that expels air, right below it is some sort of screw in canister thing that looks like the top ( where a hose fitting should be) is broke off, not sure bot think it goes to catts, the hose is coming off a vacuum thing with many lines coming and going, cant get back there to see what i need to do, but main problem is the sudden stall while driving, im mostly a diy;er but its really starting to eat my bottom line, any help is tremendously appreciated!

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