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wayne 4/22/2012

1990 Mazda B2200 Base 4 Cyl 2.2L


What could make the truck run so badly?

The truck idles real low. Has no power and when I finally get to 50 on the freeway after 3 miles. If I give it gas it will slow but the engine sounds like it wants to go. Help please.

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HouseCallAuto 4/22/2012

Not enough to go on, too many possibilities. Clogged cat, bad distributor. The Mazda 2.2 back then had a common fault. Inspect for a worn crank shaft keyway that causes retarded valve timing, Kind of like a jumped timing belt but when you check the belt alignment it will look OK unless you confirm that the keyway did not slip. That may require removing the T-belt and looking at the crankshaft gear play and keyway lineup. The keyway wears and then turns at an angle or even sideways and causes the gear to be off by several degrees. In some cases it cannot be fixed because the crankshaft wears out too much and even with a new keyway the gear fits loose. Heh, at least take a look or suggest this to your mechanic. I dealt with this at least twice on the 2.2


wayne 4/23/2012

Sometimes the truck will clear up and run perfect for about a week or so and then go back to running poorly again. It has 2 cats on it I checked the first one and it is clear; however, I have not checked the rear one yet. Could that possibly be the problem?


HouseCallAuto 4/23/2012

Could be but usually the front cat clogs before the rear one. Rule out what I suggested about the keyway. Do not take this lightly. It may be your cause and typically will never get a look by even the best techs. This was common on the 2.2 so.....


wayne 4/24/2012

Got it all checked out and that is fine. Still have no clue what it could be. Maybe carburetor? Does the truck have to have the back pressure from the catalytic converter to have normal power?


HouseCallAuto 4/24/2012

If you can get the power losss to occur while you are manually feeding fuel by moving the carburetor by hand, spray 2+2 carb cleaner into the carburetor throat and if the power loss seems to go away then your cause is a bad carburetor possibly.

You can rule out the cat by removing the O2 sensor and road testing the car with it removed.


wayne 4/25/2012

Ok. Thanks for all the help. I am trying to sell the truck and can't if it's not running properly. Hopefully this will fix it.

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