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James 2/11/2020

2003 Ford Ranger XL 4 Cyl 2.30L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Truck in park, Key won't come out, ignition works fine oterwise

Replaced ignition cylinder and same problem happens. Can start and drive car fine.

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Jimm 3/23/2020

Make sure the key is going all the way in, not bent, nothing stuck in the lock cylinder. It's rare for a tumbler to simply jam up like that unless it's severely worn or somethings stuck inside. Not being able to turn the lock to the "on" position will make tumbler replacement very difficult, the tumbler release pin will only move in the on position. Be careful about hammering on the column, just a few light taps at best, the casting is pretty fragile. Try all your keys, look closely at how far they go in. On most the head of the key is nearly buried into the top of the tumbler when it's in all the way.
Make sure that the cylinder is in the locked position as well, I've seen worn keys get removed and not go back in since the tumbler is still forward. Check for a shift interlock problem too if you have an automatic transmission.


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