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sbefort 1/18/2013

1992 Isuzu Pickup S 4 Cyl 2.3L


Is my truck missing some kind of hose?

I noticed that my truck leaks about a couple drops of oil every day. I popped the hood, and I noticed something a little strange. Please take a look at this photo:
It looks like there are two tubes that should be connected together by a hose. Is that right? I know nothing about cars.
Also, is the slight oil leak something to worry about? Thank you.

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Jimm 1/18/2013

The engine is missing the heated air intake hose - it is a corrugated flexible hose made of foil and wire (like a dryer vent hose) - that provides heated exhaust air to the air intake. Very inexpensive to replace - only a few dollars from the local auto parts store.
Be sure to measure the diameter of the upper or lower connection to get the correct size hose - they usually come in a longer length and will need to to be cut to the right size using ordinary scissors or sharp knife.


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