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psebow ... 4/30/2010

1992 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado 8 Cyl 5.7L


My truck isnt getting Fuel...I think it is a relay or fuse. Can you tell me where to find them and how to test them.

I was jump starting a friend of mine and when I went to unhook the cables my truck died. I may have sent a surge through my electrical system and popped a fuse or relay. But where are all of them located for the fuel system and how do I go about checking the relays to see if they are bad?

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Ray 4/30/2010

One possibility of the vehicle dying when you disconnected the jumpers could easily be the battery's condition. Since you had to jump it, it is possible for the battery to have a shorted cell, causing the battery to charge without powering the vehicle, and the engine dies again. Have you tried jumping the vehicle off again?
If there is a definite electrical issue with the vehicle, it is very likely that the fuses and relays are in the box under the hood, though there are typically fuses under the dash to check as well. Go to a local parts store and purchase a test light. They are the easiest to use for checking for blown fuses. Connect the clip to ground, and carefully probe the fuses using the other end. If both sides of the fues are dead, that fuse is not powered. The fuses requiring replacement are the ones with power on one side and not on the other. Though it is not the fuse, if both sides of the fuse are dead, it may be a clue to the problem. When testing, it might be wise to have a battery charger connected to the battery, to prevent its being discharged. I suggest this since it would be advantageous to have the ignition on during the testing, to be sure of all of the correct fuses being powered up. Typically, the fuse is labeled on the box cover. We'll stop there, and see if fuses are intact before tackling the relays. Ray


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