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foxt2372 11/17/2012

1988 GMC K1500 Sierra SLE 8 Cyl 5.7L


Why is my truck is difficult to start?

- Takes excessive cranking to start. OR
- Requires gas to be poored into the throttlebody to start.
- Once it is running it is generally fine.
- However, the engine is frequently sluggish.
- In addition, I have had multiple instances when the engine would suddenly die.
Steps taken so far...
1. Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter.
2. New pump was bad and replaced again.
3. Replaced fuse.
4. Check fuel pump relay and there is no sign og damage or water intrusion.
5. Purchased a throttlebody tune up kit and replaced all seals/springs. Also cleaned the injectors.
6. Cleaned fuel intake ports.
7. Replaced air filter.
8. Inspected fuel lines.
9. Replaced water pump.
10. Replaced large radiator hoses.
11. Replaced thermostat.
12. Replaced battery.

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