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carl flinn

carl flinn 3/29/2011

1986 Dodge Mini Ram Base 4 Cyl 2.2L


truck will cut out when starting up from a stop light after if has warmed up. Unless you floorboard it, then its ok

1. only when the engine is warm.
2. truck has 125 K.
3. only when you start from a stand still
4. no lights for the engine.
5. the other day, it was giving me trouble all most like it was out of gas. then I went over a bump and it stoped missing and has run find. since.
6. I have e-3 plugs in it.
7. I can't find my short kit, so don't know where to look.
8. I have not tried to wet down the wires at night, don't know if this would work.

1 Answer

Nissan Technical Advisor

Did you noticed the spark plug wires has deteriorated due to age? If so, there could be an arcing in the wires and the proper voltage is not delivered to the spark plug to fire the air-fuel creating a misfire. Check this at night in your garage, arcing can be viewed at dark, and if there's an arcing replace the wires, and if none, better check the ignition coil.


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