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Edwardo 12/1/2010
2001 Mazda B4000 DS 6 Cyl 4.0L - Engine
Why does my truck crank but not start intermittently
76,000 miles replaced fuel filter recently. Had a vacuum line rupture approximately 5 years ago.
1. The symptom occurs at all times, hot or cold
2. Occurs after driving, turn off vehicle and then it will only crank and not start. This happens only occassionaly but is increasing in frequency.
3. Wait a period of time and it will fire right up.
4. No warning or check engine lights are on.
5. Had a 50,000 mile service performed 4 years ago.
4 Answers
  • Bobby
    Bobby 12/1/2010
    when it is not starting and only cranking, test for fuel and spark. Test to see if it is getting fuel pressure when it will not start if there isn't enough or no fuel pressure then it could be a problem in the fule system a bad fuel regulator or fuel pump. If it has fuel pressure then check for spark, if it has no spark then it could be a coil problem, or a crank or cam sensor problem.
  • tnharpman
    tnharpman 12/1/2010
    Have the truck scanned for codes. Not all codes will turn on the check engine light. Problem is likely electrical in nature, and a trouble code would be a big step in the right direction. Many parts stores will scan codes for free.
  • Edwardo
    Edwardo 12/6/2010
    Thank you for your answers. There is a new twist to this problem, while trying to diagnose the issue I removed the fuel cap and my truck started right up. This has happened twice so I am wondering if it is a fuel pressure regulator problem. Any input would be great.
  • Bobby
    Bobby 12/6/2010
    It could be... did you put the cap back on and see if it would not start? It might also have something to do with the EVAP system something could be clogged and not allowing for for air into the tank to displace the fuel. check your evap system as well.

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