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Hal 5/17/2012
1996 Nissan Pickup SE 4 Cyl 2.4L - Engine
Why truck continues to overheat.
Fluid level, water pump, fan operation, radiator, thermostat are all working properly. the vehical lost the water pump and coolent and got very hot, the water pump was replaced and all other items in the cooling circuit have been verified as working properly. could it be a blown head gasket? Is there a way to verify with out engine disassembly?
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  • SearsTech2
    SearsTech2 5/17/2012
    It very well could be a blown gasket or a crack in the manifold somewhere that is letting air out of the system and is not keeping the cool air in the system. Also make sure nothing else is mixing with your coolant.
    Hal 5/18/2012
    SearsTech2 thanks for your response, it looks like its time for disassembly. Appriciate the help.

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