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john o. edokpayi
john ... 8/16/2012
2006 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner 6 Cyl 4.0L - Brakes
why is my truck brake very low? i have changed both front and rear pad/shoes and i still need to pump severally to stop.
The Brake and ABS lights are on. they say the ABS unit is bad. is ABS unit serviceable?
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  • Mark A.M.D
    Mark A.M.D 8/16/2012
    Why didnt you ask the mechanic who diagnosed it?
  • rick
    rick 8/16/2012
    You said pads and shoes . If you did this yourself did you reajust rear shoes back up to the drums ? If not what happens is you have to pump the brakes to get the shoes all the way out to the drums . The front disk will do it on their own but the drums on the back have to be set up once at first and then they will do it on their own too if everything was put together right . Good place to start and will make ABS light come on too .
  • john o. edokpayi
    john o. edokpayi 8/17/2012
    thanks Rick. the shoes were adjusted right. discovered now that there is no fluid pressure from the ABS lines to the rear brakes.

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