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scott 8/20/2012

1989 Mazda B2200 LX 4 Cyl 2.2L


The truck Backs fires when I let off the gas pedal or when I go to shift gears I Just replaced the Muffler & tail

Like I said I'ts blown the old muffler & tail pipe off. Its sounds like a gun shot Its really loud. When Its Cold it does not back fire but 2 minute lader When you go to shit it to the nexts gear or let off of the gas pedal to let it idling But when you Accelerate up speed it runs fine but then release gas pedal completely & its backs fires. It is a Manual Transmission O. kay when I just replaced the muffler & tail pipe the catalytic converter was haullow out Would that cause that to back fire

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Brandie 9/4/2012

my mazda has that backfire issue but my car has no catalytic converter so im told....they believe my issue is from my injectors which is causes the backfire or misfire in my car. it will accelerate just fine but if im going 60-70 and let my foot off the gas completely it backfires.....just like u said! i have a 89 626 mazda btw


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