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marty 12/28/2010

1993 Dodge D250 Base 6 Cyl 5.9L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Why does transmission shifts back and forth to overdrive while going down the road at 60mph?

It happens all the time if cold or warmed up. has been doing this for awhile and it does it more often now. no check lights are on or any other warning lights.

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James Vaughn

James Vaughn 12/28/2010

the a518 transmission has numerous flaws that dodge has tried to correct over the years but unfortunately yours is a relatively new design from your vehicle year model. the problem you have is fairly common and is caused by the tcc solenoid. also known as the torque converter control solenoid. it will be either on the side of the valve body or just in front of it. the valve body is inside the trans pan in case u didn't know. unfortunately it could also be caused by your torque converter but more likely the tcc solenoid. good luck. i've rebuilt numerous A518's and they are very very expensive. the tcc is relatively cheap so hopefully u can fix it with just the tcc being replaced. btw the dodge A518 is the 2nd most common transmissions we build at my shop. the top of the list is the 604 i.e. dodge front wheel drive with overdrive.


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