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Degens ... 7/19/2013

2000 Ford Explorer XLT 6 Cyl 4.0L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

I am having transmission problems with my Ford Explorer, it has no problem shifting into Park, Neutral, or Reverse.

But Drive, 2, 1, it takes a some time to shift into. It seems to shift into Drive 2 the quickest, and when it goes into and of the Drive gears half of the time it makes a clunk. But now, it will not shift into any of the drive gears at all since yesterday. Park, Reverse, and Neutral have no problems. I have changed my transmission fluid, checked all of my oils recently, last week I also used "No Slip" or "Stop Slip" transmission fluid additive.

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5r55 tech

5r55 tech 7/19/2013

You have rolled the o /d one way clutch. The reason you had 1. And 2 you use the coast clutch one and two. When you shifted to drive and heard a clunky that was the coast clutch releasing and the od one way clutch making noise. Trans is thrashed. A lot of hard part damage.

You could have done the same as shifting by pressing the od cancel button on the shifter. It controls the coast clutch also.


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