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Lar 6/17/2010

1995 Mercedes Benz C280 Base 6 Cyl 2.8L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Is there more than one transmission mount on this car?

If a mount was replaced at 85343 miles, would you expect that mount or (if there is more than one) a second mount to "collapse" at 88339 miles?

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Bender 2/15/2011

A second mount yes but the one that was replaced NO, you car has like 4 mounts or so, but anyway thats how it is, it like bulbs, you dont expect both bulbs to go out at the same time, when the first bulb goes out in a matter of months the other one will go out too.

Now, another question would be, where is the noise coming from? Because if the problem you had at 85343 go back at 88339, you will check the one i replaced and the other mounts around it. Looking for busted mounts are quite easy anyway not to mention the noise it creates.


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