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ashley ... 11/27/2012

1999 Chrysler LHS Base 6 Cyl 3.5L


TRAC light and ABS light came on together for about 20 minutes then the battery light for a few sec then my battery died

This is the first time it has happened the TRAC light and the ABS light came on it stayed on for about 20 minutes then the car jerked really hard as I was driving it and I heard a beep and looked at the dash and it said TRAC ON and the ABS light was on then it beeped againg immediately after and said TRAC OFF and the ABS light and battery light came on also then the car shut off about 20 seconds later. After waiting ten minutes the car cranked up normally and there were no lights on but I took it to autozone for them to plug it in and they said the battery was to weak to get a charge and that it might not start later on so they couldnt tell me what was wrong with it. I dont know whether to risk driving it or not.

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