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chris. ... 12/10/2012

2002 Lincoln Town Car Executive 8 Cyl 4.6L

Steering & Suspension

Why does my towncar lose air right after I park it? I start it up and they fill right back up and stay until I park it.

The car has about 75K on it. I started hearing the compressor kicking on when it is in the garage and would even run the battrie down if it had not been started in a week or so. Now in about 3hrs. being parked it's squating, but as soon as you start it, it airs back up and is good to go. Is there a valve thats gone bad? It seems too sit level so both are leaking at the same time. (PLEASE HELP)

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Jimm 12/11/2012

Several possibilities; faulty / leaking air suspension fitting or hose, faulty / leaking air suspension spring.


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