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MAC 4/20/2019

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 6 Cyl 3.20L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Towing without towing package for 2015 jeep cherokee latitude

i have a 2015 jeep cherokee latitude without towing package. The rating is 2000# which doesnt seem like much but ok. I am getting a hitch put on because i am wanting to buy a camper to pull. the dry weight of the camper is about 3000#. I was wondering if i would be safe in towing this camper or i even thought of putting on a transmission cooler. Would i be safe then to pull the camper or would i need something else? i was wondering what determines the towing capacity and what the difference is and what would i need to put on to make it equal to the towing package?
thank you

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Jimm 4/21/2019

The towing capacity is determined by the vehicle size, weight, engine and transmission. You should not exceed the vehicle towing capacity rating.


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