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devin13 6/22/2018

1982 Lincoln Mark VI Pucci 8 Cyl 5.00L


What torque wrench and tools needed to replace brakes?

Hello, I have a 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI and I need to replace the brake rotors and pads and I'm not sure what torque wrench I need to take the calipers off and what other tools I'll need

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Jimm 6/22/2018

Reference a good repair manual for the list of tools needed.
For example, you will not need a torque wrench for any disassembly - only for the reassembly, and correct tightening of key fasteners; caliper mounting bolts, caliper slide bolts.
Try the local library in your area, or auto parts store, or this on-line resource;
www.automd.com and the How-to repair section.


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