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2016 Audi A4 Premium 4 Cyl 2.00L

Preventive Maintenance

Top 4 problem of sunroof of my car

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PartsAvatar Ca 4/10/2019

When you purchase a new car, adding luxury accessories can significantly improve comfort, the driving experience, and add to resale value. One of the most popular add-on accessories is the sunroof or moonroof. Most sunroofs operate mechanically, via a system of motors, cables, and gears that will slide a piece of tempered glass open and provide exposure to the outer elements. While many of them are designed exceptionally well and built to last a long time, there are times when damage can occur.

Common Sunroof Problems -

Mechanical problems:
Most mechanical problems, such as breakage or loose glass, can be replaced or repaired with a few hand tools. Fixed-glass sunroofs can often be fixed with nuts and bolts.

Broken Sunroof Motor:

There was a time when a sunroof add-on was a manually operated system. The driver would unlock the sunroof latch and physically slide it open. When they were done driving, drivers would have to physically close the sunroof to protect the interior from exposure to elements and for security reasons. As with most technology, today's sunroof is built for convenience. To open one, a driver simply needs to press a button and the glass panel will open. This is completed through a series of electrical components working together to power a motor which completes the action of opening and closing the sunroof.

Twisting sunroofs:

These issues can be tricky to address. Sometimes, it's a simple lubrication problem, and greasing the tracks with heavy silicone grease can free up sticky sunroofs and prevent wear. Unfortunately, this maintenance step is often overlooked until it's too late. Sticking and binding may also be caused by worn or broken cables.


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