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AutoMD ... 8/16/2010

2008 Mercedes Benz E350 4Matic 6 Cyl 3.5L


What tool is needed to remove the brake caliper so I can change front brake pads?

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Ladiesman217 8/16/2010

Ok this is quite critical (seriously), serious injury might occur. If somebody opens the door and it so happens that your fingers are on the caliper, there is a chance you will lose your finger. Reason behind this is that it will cycle the SBC pump.

Dont worry about the tools, just find a wrench or whatever that will fit the bolts of your brakes, remove necessary connections.

Unplug the battery to disable the SBC
Do not open your car doors or any key function while fixing the brakes

A guide to the acronyms

1. SBC Senso Tronic Brake Control
2. SDS Mercedes Benz Star Diagnosis System

SBC brake system MUST be deactivated using Mercedes Star Diagnosis tool. When activated, the SBC brake system builds up high pressure in the brake system. The automatic extension of the caliper pistons may result in serious bodily injury. Brake pressure may cause brake fluid to escape at high pressure, with possible resulting damage or injury as well. Maintenance or repair work must NEVER be performed on an active SBC brake system.


AutoMD Member 8/17/2010

Thank you, your answer was a eye opener and was very helpful. Have a blessed day.


Ladiesman217 8/18/2010

You're most welcome!!!


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