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Jeremy Watts

Jeremy ... 1/21/2017

1994 Toyota Pickup Base 4 Cyl 2.40L

Steering & Suspension

Can a tire rotation cause misalignment?

My '94 Toyota pickup had perfect alignment this morning.. Then after my tires were rotated it was pulling hard to the right. I complained to the tire shop folks and they said my tires must have been unevenly worn, so now the new configuration results in a misalignment (and of course they are happy to charge me for an alignment job). But if this is the case, wouldn't the opposite be true: before the rotation my alignment should have been pulling to the left? It was dead center, now it pulls to the right? Feels like they intentionally misaligned it and I'm getting ripped off but I'm too dumb to know better and I don't want to straight up accuse them. Help!

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Samuel 1/21/2017

Something is wrong with one of the tires that is now in the front. Thus causing the pull. Alignments being off cause tires to wear but only pull after accidents. Rear toe being off causes pull also. But this is a pick-up.


rprieto 1/21/2017

No, its a tire pull:switch your front tires, left front to right front and vice versa ,if truck now pulls left probable bad tire,A lot of times this will actually eliminate the pull.

Jeremy Watts

Jeremy Watts 1/21/2017

So you are saying my alignment was off to begin with and my tires were worn, making it seem like my alignment was straight?

Jeremy Watts

Samuel 1/21/2017

No Jeremy. The bad tire in the back won't cause pull till it is on the front as it is now. It is now pulling to the right. If you swap the front tires and the pull changes to the left then you know the tire is bad internally.

Teddy B

Teddy B 1/21/2017

Did you or the shop inflate all tires to the same pressure?

Did you tape the OD of the tires,after inflated ?

Did you watch the Alignment Process ?

Did they print a before & after ?

Did they roll the vehicle out on the rack &
check ride height ?

Did they even put the sensors on all 4 wheels ?

The vehicle has to be driven before & after any alignment

You can not align a vehicle with worn suspension parts !

No one-- said the alignment was off, before you went to the shop
Read what suggestions you were given

Who rotated the tires ?
Did they let rust fall behind the rotor or wheel ?
Did they ruin something with their air guns ?
Did they torque the wheels ?

While I agree with the internally worn tire theory, & the worse tire
may now be on the front,I also think there is the possibility they
created the problem & there may be other work that should have
been performed before it even went to the alignment rack.

Sam-- sort of indicated, that if you have no tire wear,you don't need
an alignment,maybe every 6 or 8 years, just to see how things are
& compensate for spring sag,rust etc & minor parts wear


FelixR 2/3/2017

Do they have some sort of warranty on their work? I would look into that and also check the tire pressure ( http://blog.chiltondiymanuals.com/.../) to make sure that your tires evenly inflated.


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