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Teresa 2/3/2011

2005 Lincoln Aviator Base 8 Cyl 4.6L


tire pressure sensor. Where do Ihave the tire pressure sensor replaced?

1 Answer

James Vaughn

James Vaughn 2/3/2011

you have 5 of them. one mounted to the rim on the inside of all 4 tires and one on your spare. if your tires are inflated properly the lights should go off. also check the spare as it may be low too

James Vaughn

James Vaughn 2/3/2011

sorry i didn't see where u needed it replaced. i'd call a tire shop first as some do carry them. you can find the part at auto zone. part # 20096 cost is 57.99 plus tax and then you have to take it to a tire shop to have it installed. hope this helps. good luck

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