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Shirl360 11/11/2010

2009 Infiniti G37 Base 6 Cyl 3.7L

Steering & Suspension

Tire pressure light on, tires pressure are correct IAW the owner's manual. Light will not go off.

New tires installed, a week after being installed tire pressure light came on. TP are correct but light remains on.

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vince^_^ 11/11/2010

Are you certain that the new tires are equipped with a Tire Pressure Sensor? Even if the tires have a correct tire pressure the PCM/ECU based on the signals from your TPS and if your tires is not equipped with that sensor or the sensors aren’t activated the tire pressure will come on. Did you also purchase a new spare tire? Sometime even if your 4 tires is equipped with TPS (tire pressure sensor) and its working but your spare tire doesn’t have any TPS your tire pressure will come on.


jmarks 5/16/2011

Also, are you sure the tire pressure is correct? Over inflating can also cause the TPS to go off. If you are over 50 PSI's on any of the tires (as I was), it will trigger.


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