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Cowboy Jack

Cowboy ... 6/24/2015

2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD LT 8 Cyl 6.00L


I have a tick in my 2003 silverado 1500hd, is it normal for that engine?

When I first start my 2003 Silverado 1500hd it has a tick that goes away when it warms up. I've had the engine rebuilt recently but it was making more noise before. It definitely runs better. It didn't start making the tick till it was fully broke in. I've only put about 2500 miles on the rebuilt engine. I've heard its normal for them to tick when they're cold.

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Jimm 6/25/2015

There is also a TSB about lifter tick at start up after sitting for more then 2 hrs. with the AFM. If its bad enough it looks like they (GM) will replace the lifters.


Cowboy Jack 6/26/2015

They replaced the lifters when the engine was rebuilt. I just bought the truck this past sept. Would they still replace them?

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