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AutoMD ... 3/20/2014

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6 Cyl 4.00L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

What causes a thump- thump-thump in rear when vehicle is going down the road?

New rakes and rotors. Tires and wheels checked.
when lifted off ground and in gear no noise. Thumping increases with increased speed.

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Jimm 3/20/2014

Several possibilities; faulty / worn rear axle bearing, tire or wheel out-of-balance, tire worn or tread flat spot - or bubble / separated tread. May also be related to worn / faulty rear shock absorbers or worn / faulty suspension bushings. In addition, be sure to check the exhaust system mounting along the length of the vehicle.

Try this as the next step - rotate the rear tires - one at a time; left rear to left front - only - as example to see if the sound or problem moves with that wheel position. If no change, then perform the same swap / exchange for the opposite side tires and wheels. Be sure to make only the one tire position change at a time to isolate the issue.

If yes, then the issue must be with that one wheel or tire combination.


AutoMD Member 3/22/2014

worked, by rotating the tires thump moved to front but no nearly as bad. will check out tire and wheel. Thanks.

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