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chel_c ... 12/13/2011

2002 Honda Civic LX 4 Cyl 1.70L


Why is my temperature gauge going insane?

I have had my fair share of problems with my 02 Civic. When I purchased it (used) this summer, it had a small coolant leak that quickly led to a blown head gasket. The repairman replaced the gaskets, new water pump, radiator, and washed out all the coolant that has spewed all over my engine. Everything was fine and dandy until it started getting cold. My car will not heat up at all until I start driving and even then, takes forever. When I start driving down the mountain, my temp gauge needle plunges to "C". It comes back up when I am on level land though. Then, after I have drove a while, if I am idling, it starts to overheat some with the needle creeping towards the "H" and I can smell that forsaken coolant burn again. As soon as I start driving, it drops back down to normal. Someone please tell me what the heck this is.... I am so frustrated with the amount of issues and money put into this car!!

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don 12/13/2011

i would change my thremosate and your temp sensor .make sure after that you get all the air out of the block by burping the system. you should see one or two bleeder screws on the top of the eng. water system if you don't have any open the rad. cap and run the eng for 30+MINS


chel_c_nicole 12/13/2011

Thank you. After doing some research, I am sure it is my thermostat. I know that if it is stuck open it will underheat while stuck close will overheat but I found out that sometimes it is just broken and can flip back and forth causing the temp gauge to go wild. That makes sense when I am going down the mountain to see it creep back down to "C" and overheat when idling.

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