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daria6672 12/27/2011

1994 Isuzu Trooper S 6 Cyl 3.2L

Preventive Maintenance

Would switching gas cause the O2 sensor to go bad? Went from regular-premium gas.

I bought 94 Isuzu trooper it passed emission with flying colors & the previous owner only used regular gas but I thought that by changing the gas to premium it would be better on the engine so I switch shortly after the O2 sensor warning light came on and has been on every since which has been about 4 days now could the switch in gas caused this?

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don 12/27/2011

maybe,but i don't think so go to auto zone and have them check your eng. ligth.but your o2 sensor is maybe 18 years old. they will tell you what o2 sensor is out, it a easy fix. you will need to rent a o2 socket from them ,but it's free.........................................


daria6672 12/27/2011

Thanks so much I will do that today!

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