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myron 9/26/2011

1995 Cadillac Seville SLS 8 Cyl 4.6L

Steering & Suspension

suspension code s061

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 9/26/2011

There are SEVERAL things that can cause the "Service Ride Control" message to be displayed.
You first need to be absolutely sure what component is causing the fault.

Error S061 has nothing to do with the struts. It only involves the position sensor.
These position sensors fail frequently. They are expensive to replace.

Both front position sensors failed on my friends '94. He could not give GM
$500.00 each for $25.00 worth of sensors. So he "bypassed" the sensor to keep the
computer "happy"..

If you check out the wiring and also see if the actuator arm is still connected, and it still sets a code, then likely
your sensor has failed.

The following is a procedure to bypass a failed position sensor.

There are three wires to the sensor.

Each sensor has a "supply" voltage, usually 8V DC.
Each sensor has a ground wire.
Each sensor has a "signal" output back to the computer.

When the signal goes outside of it's operating range (Operating Range 0 - 5V), the computer
will report a fault with that sensor.

The front position sensors work on an output signal of 0 - 5V, where 2.5V is the "normal"
output for the sensor when you are driving normal on a flat road.

What you need to do is to provide a constant 2.5v voltage to the "signal" line of the sensor.
The computer will think you're driving on flat level road. (forever)

You do this by removing the sensor from the car and removing the clear "filler" that covers
the circuit card in the sensor. I used a sharpened popsicle stick. (Didn't want to destroy anything by using a metal object)

Expose the three wires entering the sensor.(On the front Position sensors, Purple=8V, Black=Ground, Orange=Signal back to the computer.
Cut them from the circuit card.

Attach one end of a 220 Ohm 1/4 watt resistor to the Purple=8V wire.
Attach the other end of the resistor to the Orange=Signal wire.
Also attach a Zener Diode (2.5V rating) to the Orange=Signal wire, and the other end to Black=ground.
(Resistor & Zener Diode available from a electronics store, eg. Radio Shack)

This will provide a constant 2.5V reference to the computer.
(After you have tested it.)
Seal up the sensor with lots of RTV to provide a water/weather tight area of the repair.
The computer will never complain again about the sensor.

If you are looking for an "easy" fix, then perhaps this is not it.
It is however a very inexpensive fix.
You do need a little understanding of soldering wires.

The ideal thing would be to acquire the male/female connectors that are on the sensor and build the
circuit in those. Then you simply could unplug the faulty sensor and plug this between the
existing harness and the faulty sensor.

You should be able to use this method to "fool" the computer on almost any of the RSS sensors.


Md 9/29/2012

How do I fix cruise servo Position on my 1994 cadillac deville concours


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