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Delphi ... 8/27/2011

1992 Mercedes Benz 400E Base 8 Cyl 4.2L

Body & Interior

self surface rust repair

Would like to know how to take the front and back bumpers and the out side door and fender panels off to self repair minor rust before it gets to bad.

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 8/31/2011


Jack + jackstands
wood chocks for rear tires
8mm socket and ratchet
10mm socket and ratchet
13mm socket
13mm box wrench
Canvas or blanket

1) Disconnect battery.
2) Safety jack car, and place on jackstands.
3) Remove under engine cowling. 8mm
4) Remove under bumper cowling.
5) Remove side marker yellow lights (plastic finger clip is on inside, push the light outward)
6) Remove sidemarker bulb when light assembly is free of bumper
There are 4 bolts/nuts holding the front bumper in place. 13mm Two nuts are below the auxilary fan, and two bolts are at the ends of the bumper next to the sidemarkers.
7) Remove the bolts next to the sidemarkers.
8) Lift up the plastic screen in front of the aux fan (it pulls straigt up).The front bumper nuts are located at the lower left and right sides, barely visible below the aux fans. The only way I could access was by using a 5/8 inch box end wrench with a built in ratchet. (Huskey, Gearwrench and Craftsman all carry these type wrenches.) Remove nuts. The bumper will stay on because the bolts are threaded into the bumper.
9) Position 4x4 blocks directly below bumper.
10) With helper, pull bumper forward, and lay it down on blocks. Avoid having the bumper is now hang by foglight wiring.
13) Pull out the styrofoam padding behind the bumper to access foglight mounting hardware.
12) Remove foglight A-frames, each held in place with 10mm bolt and plastic snaps. (I broke the snaps, and just replaced with threadlocked machine screws during reassembly).
12) Remove whatever pieces from the bumper you plan on keeping to keep from scratching while you reassemble.
13) Lay the new bumper on blanket and put new pieces in place. (Bumper, valence, trim). The hardest part of this job is taking off the chrome and reinstalling. The spring clips need to be hammered out, and hammered back in. Best way to reinstall is to firmly compress clips with pliers beforehand.
14) Reassemble in the reverse steps. I don't have torque values, but in this non-critical application, just torque securely EXCEPT for the side bumper bolts.
15) You may need to line up the side bumper trim with the fender wheelwell. A helper makes this easier to pull/push the bumper while you secure the side bolts.


4 bolts/nuts with a 13mm head under the taillights. The sides of the bumper are aligned with 1 bolt each (10mm head) and these bolts are located behind a latch in the plastic trunk panels. No bolts or nuts in the middle of the bumper.
Once you have removed the rear bumper you have to get out 3 Phillips screws at each side of the impact strip after which the strip can be clamped out of the painted bumper shelf.

Fender Panel

There are bolts underneath the fender and on the sides (by the door and headlight area) remove them all then pull


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