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Ecook1010 7/26/2019

2006 Chevrolet Malibu LT 6 Cyl 3.50L


Sudden flash of oil light while driving. Underbelly shows signs of leak

Was driving down road accelerating when the oil light came on red for a couple seconds then turned off as I pulled off road. Got the car home gently because house was quarter mile down the road. Didn't feel any different.
Got home checked underbelly and there were signs of an oil leak. Oil looking substance all over filter and surrounding engine parts. However there is no dripping of oil on the ground below.
Dipstick showed oil at 3/4 level so not bad. Still plenty of oil in there.
Oil service is only about 400 miles overdue.
PS car is the 3.5 v6 version, not the 4cyl. Wasn't able to change that for some reason.
Thanks for all the help!

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Jimm 7/27/2019

Need more information; how many miles are on the vehicle? When was the last engine oil change; oil and filter?

Did not note any question in this detail that you have provided, so what specific help are you requesting?

What have you diagnosed so far, in terms of the oil leak and/or amount of oil noted?

It is near impossible to identify an engine oil leak via the internet, for obvious reasons.

To pinpoint the leak source, try this technique; first - with the engine off and cold (temperature) - thoroughly clean the engine and underbody using an aerosol spray engine cleaner, a few rags and water spray - to remove all the dirt and accumulated oil especially from the top, front, sides and bottom of the engine.

Next, once the engine is cleaned, then add some inexpensive oil-soluable dye to the engine oil, and drive like normal. The small bottle of oil leak-detect solution may be found at local auto parts stores for a minimal cost.

This will aid in locating any engine oil leaks, and assist you to repair the oil leak path. These first steps are required before considering the labor and repair costs of replacement of any engine gaskets, seals, o-rings. Diagnosis by visual observation using the oil-soluable dye will save a great deal of the expense.

The next steps would be to thoroughly examine the various possible 3.5L V6 engine oil leak points - using close inspection and a strong trouble light or flashlight; oil filter gasket, oil filter adapter gasket, oil pan gasket, valve cover gaskets, front cover gasket.


Repair or replace as necessary. Try these on-line parts resources; www.autopartswarehouse.com; www.rockauto.com; www.partsgeek.com - to list only a few.

Oil filter (with new gasket) = AC DELCO part #PF47E - or it's equivalent
Oil filter adapter gasket = MAHLE part #B32184 {#12607947, B31989} - or it's equivalent
Oil pan gasket = FEL-PRO part #OS30766R {#OS32319} - or it's equivalent


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