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Emily Somebody

Emily ... 1/19/2022

2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS 6 Cyl 4.30L

Body & Interior

Stuck door latches on both driver and passenger sides

We have a 2006 Silverado 1500. Front driver and passenger front doors are stuck closed. Do not open from inside or outside. driver side was not slammed shut, passenger side was. Key goes into the driver side door and turns but doesn't feel like it's turning all the way. Pulling the door handles feels normal, they aren't loose or flimsy as if something is detached. I did take the top off the door lock, used a pliers to pull it up as hard as I could and tried to open the door from both inside and outside - neither worked. In the course of going in and out the back doors the driver side rear door suddenly wouldn't shut either! I decided that yes, the latch not disengaging seems to be the issue. Dry lubricant completely solved that issue, moves easily opened and closed now.
I am hoping that is the issue with the other two doors, the only problem is I can't access the latches. How can do that when the door is closed and I cannot take the panel off? The only option I can see is to cut the p

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Jimm 4/3/2022

Pull the outside handle and unlatch the latching assembly by hand by inserting a screwdriver where the striker would normally be if the door were closed - and pry out.

You can adjust the striker by loosening the bolts, and moving it in toward the cabin.

If the door itself is droopy, adjustments are made by the hinge by loosening the bolts and lifting up or down.

Multiple attempts will be necessary to get it just right.


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