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attemp ... 11/16/2021

2007 Mercury Milan Base 4 Cyl 2.30L

Steering & Suspension

should my strut turn when releasing it from the steering arm?

I am changing my CV axle and when I moved the bolt from the strut fork, the strut turned. is that common. It essential becomes misaligned.

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Teddy B

Teddy B 11/22/2021

Having just assembled a new strut on Saturday & the other one Yesterday I will
say when the struts you have were assembled the top mounting plate was not indexed
to where the holes are in the body.

That is the reason when you pulled off the bottom of the strut from the steering knuckle
(not the steering linkage) the strut turned.

The strut body & top plate are locked together once you remove pressure in the strut
compressor the spring expands & you got whatever you set up in the press.

You can turn the strut rod in or out of the car as it is floating free except for the top
nut that only holds the tops plate to the spring & strut lower spring mount.

Look it over & reason it out.

So your struts were off some when made/assembled etc.


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