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Bsquared91 1/31/2013

2002 Ford Taurus SE 4-Valve 6 Cyl 3.0L


Strong odor and smoke coming from under the hood.

There is a strong odor that comes into the car when my climate control is on "Auto" (It does not come into the car when it's on "Max A/C" but still smells outside the car). This happens when I have been driving at least 15 to 20 miles. I then see smoke come from under the hood when I'm stopped. I've looked under the hood and it appears to be coming from the bottom of the engine somewhere? Again, very strong odor that comes from whatever this problem is...

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CVO 1/31/2013

A bad catalytic converter ?

A foul odor is another symptom of catalytic converter damage or failure. When there is excessive heating in the ceramic monolith due to the wrong fuel or a fuel mixture that is too rich, the converter can become damaged. The improper fuel mixture can result in too much hydrogen sulfide in the emissions, resulting in the converter giving off the odor of rotten eggs.


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