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4716 2/9/2011

1991 Pontiac 6000 LE 6 Cyl 3.1L


stopped accellerating properly, engine feels jerky, accelleration nonexistent and limited

This car has had minor electrical work involving dashboard lights.
The car was driving fine, and normally, until I got on the highway. As I accellerated, as I hit about 65mph, all of a sudden the car lost power, it would not accellerate anymore, and i could feel the engine become jerky, is the best way I can describe. Almost as tho it was going zoooommm, then suddenly started goign zoo-oo-oo-ooo. If there was any noise accompanied by this change, i didn't hear it (I felt all of it, my music was... loudish.)Pulled over, turned it off, turned it back on. It started fine, but sounded quiet, almost subdued. def way different from normal. tried to go with it, but i could feel the engine not running correctly, and jerkily, and accelleration was very slow and hesitant. The volt and oil warning lights were on, as well as check engine, but i'm not sure if that was because they flash as you turn it on, or something else. The battery died tho within 30 min while waiting for the tow truck. :( Ty!

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yboy82 2/23/2011

You should diagnose your vehicle first with a scan tool to determin what the stored trouble code is. The extracted trouble code/s will help you find the fault of your vehicle's problem.


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