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taconsul 5/30/2010
2006 Mercury Mountaineer Luxury 8 Cyl 4.6L - Body & Interior
Stinking smell in passenger compartment stale air oder
My wife complains everytime she gets into my Mercury Mountaineer that the cabin stinks and burns her eyes.
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  • Fire road service
    Fire road service 4/11/2011
    if it smells like sulfer it's ur battery that is causing the smell. it may just need to be replaced, BUT it could be ur alternator over charging it, in which case the alternator needs to be replaced. BE CAREFUL, batteries do explode. If it's a musty smell try replacing ur cabin air filter
  • ahowens
    ahowens 12/29/2012
    have an 05 merc that started stinking inside. changed plugs and plug wires. and it stopped

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