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Tina Lynn

Tina Lynn 9/25/2010

1999 Saturn SW1 Base 4 Cyl 1.9L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

My Stick shift snapped and I want to check the cables myself to see if I can reconnect them myself. After I remove the

console what do I do next?

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AutoMD Member

AutoMD Member 5/26/2012

ok, there are several links online to fix this. You need a small bolt, 2 washers, 2 lawn and garden hose gaskets and a nut that fits the bolt. Next you will need a drill and a small bit, I don't remember the size. You can figure that out once you open up the shifter console and see the cable and where it connects. The last thing you need is a very steady hand. What happened is there is a soft metal ball at the end of your cable, if slides into a circular fitting that Saturn is fully aware of and all its faults. They will replace the entire thing for around $700.00 you can fix it yourself for under $2.00 yes two dollars. Once you see the connection, you will see how it works but the idea is that you have to drill the little metal ball, a whole threw the middle of it. after drilling it, put the ball back in the plastic fitting and then put the gaskets around it. then the solid large washers that you baught, I also bought lock washers. I'm one of those over do it guys. I then placed the bolt threw and nutted it up. I use a lock nut by the way. Told you I was a over do it kind of guy. look online there are several sites with great pictures. Its an easy job, a beginners level job, if you can hold a drill.


here is a site that has some good photos but not the way I did it. Obviously either will work, I like mine because its a little more perminant.


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