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04wjbender 11/8/2012

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6 Cyl 4.0L


Why is my steering wheel pulsating?

When I am driving in speeds 45+ and tap brakes to slow down the steering wheel will pulsate uncontrollably. I replaced the steering stabilizer recommended by a former wj owner. Keep in mind my jeep only has 65,000 miles on it and is in immaculate shape. I've been researching online and finding many people complaining of the same issue and also been told to replace the rotors but it doesn't make sense to me cause in speeds bellow 45 mph it acts perfectly fine.

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Ray 11/9/2012

Sounds like rotors, but you might want to rotate the tires and check the suspension (track bar mounts) for looseness.


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