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nick 1/3/2013

1997 Ford Crown Victoria LX 8 Cyl 4.6L


Does the steering box have adjustments for steering

My car drifts to the left feels real loose in the front end

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Jimm 1/3/2013

There is an adjustment for the steering gearbox. Before this adjustment, have the front end and components checked or excess wear / play / loosness in the steering components. No amount of adjustment would compensate for worn steering components.
The adjustment procedure; look on the steering gearbox outside housing - you'll see a slotted screw with a hex lock nut. Using a wrench and flat blade screwdriver - hold the slotted screw while loosening the hex lock nut. Then, with the nut loose, turn the screw in (clockwise) slowly and just enough to feel slight resistance and then back off slightly. Hold the screw in this position using the screw driver, then tighten the locknut to prevent turning. This step / adjustment removes the gear backlash / excess play from the steering gearbox itself - only. Be sure not to overtighten the slotted screw or gear damage will result.

Check the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for the specific steps to check the steering components for wear.


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