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Owen Mattingly

Owen ... 7/15/2012

1986 Dodge Lancer Base 4 Cyl 2.5L


Starts & runs fine but stalls at lights, especially when starting and braking a time or two. AC effects idle speed a lot

Mileage is 85000
I have replaced the plugs,wires,rotor, distributor cap and ran some fuel dryer and gum cleaner through the tank and power foamed the carburetor to clean it.
It seems to happen more with the AC on.
It runs fine when it is first started cold and seems to be worst when it is warmed up, usually when braking or stopped.
It does not happen all the time. It seems to be running ok and then at the next light it might stop..
My wife drove it most of the time and she mentioned it probably six months ago.
There are no lights on as a warning.
I have not checked with an OBD code Reader yet but I hope to.
Thanks for your help.

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