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snydo2 9/9/2010

2002 Dodge Durango SLT 8 Cyl 4.70L


starts very hard in the morning

changed the plugs and air filter no improvement
almost won't start in the morning seems to run fine and start OK the rest of the day
a mechanic told me it could be a failing starter
It's taken a little more to get it to start for a year or so but not an issue. Now and suddenly it's an issue

2 Answers


yboy82 9/9/2010

Check the condition of your fuel injector pressure regulator, fuel injector cold start valve and fuel pump relay. Clean your carburetor or throttle body.


Blackwater 9/9/2010

It sounds like it could a fuel system problem. Your car may be having trouble building proper fuel pressure.

Start with the cheap stuff, and look at the fuel lines to see if there are any breaks. Since your car is 8 years old, it's quite possible that your fuel pump is waning/failing, so check that as well.

It can also be that the the PCV valve was bad and the hose connecting it to the manifold was soft and compressed almost shut.

For a failing starter, when it gets cold overnight, resistance builds up, and with the starter wire being so thick, the added resistance stacks up with the weak part. You should check for a possible loose or badly connected starter wire, and check to see if your starter is failing.


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