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Craig 10/31/2022

2013 Ford Edge SEL 6 Cyl 3.50L


starting system fault

I have checked all fuses and relays, used multiple key fobs, tried jump starting, replaced the battery and disconnected the battery for over 24 hours without any luck. When you turn the key the relays go through the starting sequence however the engine does not crank and the "starting system fault" message appears on the dashboard. Is it the computer?

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Jimm 11/1/2022

If the concern is with the key, then you will see a rapidly flashing red theft light.

If it is not the key, the theft light will turn on when you turn the key to the on position (without turning to the start position) and then it will go out.

The only other thing to check would be to scan the Body Control Module for codes and see if it has a code for an unprogrammed ignition key.


Craig 11/1/2022

First code about a month ago was P06B8 when it decided when it wanted to start and was fine for a few weeks. Code now (not starting) P1639- BCM shot?

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