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Doug Stevens

Doug ... 4/16/2010

1989 Toyota Pickup Base 4 Cyl 2.4L


Starting problems with '89 Toyota pick up.

It will start for a week or so (30 to 40 start cycles with NO trouble starting) then it will hesitate to start for a fraction of a second and start. Then, on the next start attempt it will not start, this is associated with a clicking sound from under the hood when trying to engage the starter. This sound is not the sound associated with a weak battery, but a single click when I move the key to the “start” position or release pressure from the clutch while the key is engaged. I will let it sit for a period of time (30 mins to an hour) then the truck will start/turnover after a prolonged cranking period (6 to 12 seconds) and smoke will come from the tail pipe. I believe the engine floods as the cold start fuel injector still pumps fuel. It seems there is no spark, but intermittent starting in predictable periods and cycles are puzzling. Your thoughts?

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1910jdl 4/17/2010

it is the starter, but you dont need to shell out 300 bucks for a new one all it needs is new contacts in the silonoid. disconnect battery take the leads off the starter now on bolt starter, take the small cover held by 3 bolts off inside is a plunger with a spring on the end remove now you can see 2 contacts they will look worn now go to you local toyota dealer and have them match up the contacts that you need . now install the new ones be sure to use the new plastic insulatores in the proper order and take a little sand paper to the plunger contacts. this will be very inexpensive don't let anyone sell you a starter. I have done this job hundreds off times and only once can I remember did the starter have a another problem.Jason


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