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BobOls ... 5/27/2010

1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Base 6 Cyl 4.0L


Starting issues turn the key and it just clicks and will not start. It does not do this every time. Help!!!

Every so often and it does not do this every time I go to start my car, but there are times when I get in, turn the key, and all it does is clicks. Sometimes it does not even click. If I keep turning the key when I get the clicking noise after 20 or more clicks it will start. When there is no clicking noise it will not start. I then have to have the car jump started. There is plenty of battery power. Lights and everything else come on. I have replaced the battery, starter and solenoid, ign. switch, key switch, battery post, It seems to have these issues more when the outside temp goes up, But it has done it in the dead of winter. There are times I can drive two blocks and it will not start, and other times I can drive 30 miles and it will not start. For the most part the car will start, but every once in awhile it will not. Just clicks. I do not want to be up in the mountains and this thing not start. Please help!!!

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BobOlsen.MT 5/27/2010

The only way you can have that done is if the car is not starting. One time the car would not start. I even had someone try and jump start it and it would not start. I called a tow company and had it towed to the shop. The next day when the mech went out and it started up. It seems like there is some kind of relay or something that over heats and blocks the votage that needs to go to the starter.. After a bit the relay resets itself and it starts. I wish that I could get an answer from someone that has had this problem before and they found such and such wrong and they did such and such to fix it. I have read on the internet that others have had this problem but nobody has had an answer.


Garry 5/27/2010

you need to have your cars electrical system scanned with a scan tool to indentify if it is functioning properly


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