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JDSETTLE 6/27/2010

2003 GMC Savana 1500 SLE 8 Cyl 5.3L


when starting the ignition keeps cranking sometimes, seems to stick a little, will start but acts flooded.

when you first start the engine (doesn;t do this always) it cranks over but acts like there is no fuel or spark but not sure on that. It sometimes will stick on so you have to turn it back. It usually starts up the 2nd try but acts a little flooded. I replaced the gas cap, fuel presure regulator, fuel filters, plugs and wires. The code the autoparts store said it was ging is fuel such as fuel pressure. After replacing all these things it still does it. Could it be the fual rails or something else? The engine light was on but now is off.

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fixxxer0808 9/27/2013

I would need a little more info, the exact code, if the engine is a vortec, and you don't see any fuel injectors, then it has a 'spider' injector under plastic upper intake. They are notorious for going bad and dripping unwanted fuel into the cylinders and expelling the stored fuel pressure that should be maintained for allowing for easy starts, so basically it floods the cylinders and doesn't have the initial pressure to start immediately untill you key it up again and the pump primes it back up, then it will start and puff black smoke and run crapppy untill you burn the extra unwanted fuel from cylinders. Or the pump is going bad, back feeding the ful line prime and starving the engine of its precious petrol untill the pressure comes back to specs around 45-60 psi.


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