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Shuttleman 12/2/2011

2008 Chevrolet Express 3500 LT 8 Cyl 6.0L


Starter keeps cranking after releasing the key.

I figured that my problem was in the starter, but replaced it with one from the local dealer yesterday and problem occurred again upon second start up. Usually if I try it a few times, the starter will stop cranking and I can drive it. As a shuttle van, it's on the road 250-300 miles per day over about 12-15 hours. I am leaving it running most of the day so that I don't have a problem when I need to roll. Could it be the starter switch? If so, anyone know check it, what to look for and how to remove/replace it. Thanks in advance.

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 12/2/2011

At first i thought its a solenoid issue, we do 2 tests, the spin and the pull out test for starters, but you replaced it so all i can think of is the wiring

there are 3 terminals on the starter... the top post is for the battery cables and the fuseible links that power the truck... and the alternator..

the "S" terminal ... right side of the solenoid hooks to the what used to be purple wire... that only gets power when the key is in the cranking position...

the "R" terminal hooks up to a wire that goes to the positive side of the ign coil... on gm cars and trucks with points as factory installation... the ignition switch breaks the connection to power the coil when the switch is in the cranking position... when the starter is turning.. the R terminal contacts the contact disc and sends full battery voltage to the ignition coil positive side... to get a hotter spark during cranking...


jlofwash 12/3/2011

possibly a weak return spring in the ignition switch, which is normally located at the base of the steering colomn, i dont have a book on your vehicle so i cant say for sure where it is........................jl


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