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anton 4/4/2010
2003 Jeep Liberty Limited 2 Cyl 0.4L - Engine
Starter or Alternator problem?
The car struggles to start and dies if I don't rev it hard. Its also starting dieing when driving if Im not giving it gas. Thought it was battery but now Im concerened it might be alternator.
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  • Dave
    Dave 4/5/2010
    Air, fuel or spark, one is ALWAYS the problem. Dirty air filter? Dirty fuel filter or faultering fuel pump? Spark may be the issue, not the alternator of battery. Any engine codes? If it were the coils, you'd have them. Many miles on it? Ever tune-it-up?
    anton 4/5/2010
    The car has 74k miles on it and I haven't had a tune-up and several years. I drove the car on the highway for about 30 mins and didn't have any problems. No engine codes or any other warning lights.
  • tankmechanic
    tankmechanic 4/18/2010
    check your air filter, if dirty replace it. check your spark plugs and replace if needed. check your fuel filter by your injectors, replace if needed. check your pcv replace if needed.

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